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Scheduling & Staffing Management

Coaching ServicesOptimize the limited time of your full-time HRD staff. Our management team will oversee your scheduling, invoicing, and quality control of YOUR independent contractors. You tell us when and where you need the resources and we do the rest.

Some of the services we provide in this area include:

  • Interviewing prospective external trainers and developers
  • Providing external training and coaching resources from the Gee Wiz network
  • Interfacing with your staff on assessing their training requirements and developing curriculum forecasts
  • Ongoing scheduling of the outside resources involved in the development and delivery of your training needs
  • Handling class cancellations and re-scheduling courses
  • Consolidated billing of multiple invoices
  • Payment of fees directly to each contractor
  • Filing 1099 s for each external training contractor
  • Delivering company-provided feedback to facilitators
  • Managing quality control of the external contractor pool
  • Observing facilitators in the classroom and providing immediate feedback
  • Terminating relationships with facilitators as needed

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