Training that makes you say "wow"

Course Delivery

The ability to connect with an audience and provide real-life examples distinguishes our facilitators from the rest. Our consultants are experienced in sales and sales management and are highly regarded platform trainers. We can deliver customized materials or execute content provided by the customer.

Customized Course Development & Design

Our course development is based on your specific needs and objectives as determined through a variety of assessment and interview techniques. We write and design the Participant/Facilitator's Guide so they may be delivered via PowerPoint presentation or in a Web-based format. All of our courses are experiential in design, and focus on learning in a hands- on and enjoyable manner.

Course Re-engineering

Our team can re-energize or optimize an existing curriculum with new exercises, re-tooled material, and updated content. This approach can be cost-effective by extending the life span of your organization's current training investment.

Call Center Training

Often call centers require customized scripts and on-line learning experiences as well as on-site training. Our consultants have worked in call centers and have a deep understanding of the unique needs of the agents. All aspects of call center training are handled by our team. We also offer an ongoing, proprietary Quality Assurance Program through one of our strategic alliance partners.

Training Effectiveness Assessments

One of the biggest challenges in training is how to determine whether the training has been effective. Comparative analyses, surveys, questionnaires, focus groups, and case studies are all part of our repertoire. We help show clients what is working and what's not, and identify any modifications needed to enhance training effectiveness.

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